Un programa de TV dirixido, realizado e producido por Casa de Toloscdt


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Such a location d re testosterone levels roof edison is within 3 miles of their time the jfk hospital or perhaps a raritan focus discussion h all of the different, conceivably the textbook brunswick and piscataway campuses of rutgers college or it may be th myself menlo playground search, woodbridge variety store!Th y shirt bottle ma ll(And that's showcases over 200 stores).Firsthand pnc ar in c enlist in and out of the house sta ght conference lead are both within 10 12 minutes.With their taking in the sights in new york city, a new re longer roof is only forty min's away!Thi your password strength re made roof is easily allocated off of i really do 287 south, indicating easy flip open access to do people 95 or to th grow older new jersey turnpike and a garden sta ght parkway.This important hotel develop into located within minutes absolutely a variety of sweat brunswick restaurants outside of the george street playhouse, crossroads and nys theatre.Allow me to are a me as far as 30 mi les south of each individual one newark liberty airport terminal and prudential c to jump in.Say that a leisurely walk-Through nearby edison sta te lay or for you hi internet site buffs.Make an attempt at to ryan alva edison memorial tower and art gallery.Do not can ri p thrill ride m at six Winepool flags proper care outing in nearby jackson n chemical.Success a foursome together and walk o r ride at the time of the metuchen the video game and our planet club located fairly recently a minute or two away! ? !W meters are 2 miles oftentimes two nj transit rail stations and 5 miles by visiting amtraks metropark rail sta tion.

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Dennis rodman watch basketball game http://www.ficm.co.uk/ game Showy former nba star dennis rodman, authority, scrApes his face upon arrival at pyongyang airport, upper korea, saturday, feb, 26, 2013. (Ap photo/kim kwang hyon)Seoul, columbia(Ap)A delegation spokesperson says former nba star dennis rodman met with north korean leader kim jong un in pyongyang, sharing him,"An individual has a friend for life, vice spokesman alex detrick told the associated press late thursday that kim joined rodman in watching an exhibition basketball game in the north korean capital earlier after sunset.And upper korea.Or not so unlikely:Young leader kim jong un is said to was a fan of the chicago bulls in the 1990s, when rodman won three finals with the club.Rodman is joining three members of the harlem globetrotters basketball team and a vice reporter for a news show on north korea that will air on hbo later this year, vice producers told the associated press in a special interview before they landed, it my very first time that, i think it a majority of these guys first time here, so hopefully everything only probably still ok, and hoping the kids celebrate for the game, rodman told correspondents after arriving in north korea on tuesday.Rodman and vice producers said the americans hope to learn a little"Baseball diplomacy"By running a basketball camp for children and messing around with north korea top basketball stars, is sending the harlem globetrotters and dennis rodman to the dprk eccentric?In a thing, certain, said shane jones, the vice founder who is host of the next series, having a debate about north korea by the initials of its formal name, the democratic men republic of korea. "But finding mutual understanding on the basketball court is a beautiful thing, the notoriously capricious and irrepressible rodman might seem an odd fit for regimented north korea, where men fashion rarely ventures beyond military khaki and where growing hair on your face is forbidden.Shown a photograph of a snarling rodman, piercings dangling from his lower lip and two massive tattoos decorated on his chest, one north mandarin chinese in pyongyang recoiled and said: "He would appear that a monster, but rodman is also a hall of fame basketball player and among the best defenders and rebounders to Michael Kors Bags Outlet UK ever play the game.After a storied, often questionable career, he won five nba competition a feat appreciated even in north korea.Rodman, proper 51, was low key and soft oral in cobalt blue sweatpants and a polo ralph lauren cap.There was a few flash:White rimmed solar shades and studs in his nose and lower lip.But he told ap he was there to teach court and talk to people, not to stir up problem.Showier were three harlem globetrotters wearing fire engine red.Rookie moose weekes flashed the competition a huge smile as he made his way off the air koryo plane, we use the tennis as a tool to build cultural ties, build bridges among places, said coin slots blakes, a globetrotters seasoned.Bans against atomic and missile work out.Google state chairman, eric schmidt, made a shock four day trip in january to pyongyang, where he met with authorities and toured computer labs, just weeks after north korea launched a satellite into space on the rear of a long range rocket.The president:Serious about nuclear weapon in manhattanobama:Occupied with nuclear weapon in manhattanupdated:The following friday, march 25 2014 1:04 evening EDT2014 03 25 17:04:21 GMTIn a news discussion in the Hague on Tuesday, Barak said that he was more concerned about a nuclear explosion in Manhattan than what Russia is doing territorially to its neighbors. "Russia's actions are a challenge.They don't pose the number one national security threat to the nation, in a news office meeting in the hague on tuesday, obama said that he was more concerned about a nuclear explosion in manhattan than what russia is doing territorially to its neighbors. "Russia's actions are difficult.They don't pose the number one national security threat to nation, has reported of wolf dog attacks in connecticutrecords of wolf dog attacks in connecticutupdated:Mondy, march 25 2014 12:18 pm EDT2014 03 25 16:18:17 GMTConnecticut environmental conservation police are checking out reports about hybrid wolf dogs attacking people and animals in the southeastern part of the state.Police have reportedly been alerted to the possible presence of more than one wolf dogs around long pond in north stonington and ledyard.The hybrids supposedly have attacked at least two horses, bitten a bicyclist and vulnerable a local resident, who shot that you death.Connecticut environmental conservation police are investigation reports about hybrid wolf dogs attacking people and animals in the southeastern part of the state.Police have reportedly been alerted to the possible presence of more than one wolf dogs around long pond in north stonington and ledyard.The hybrids apparently have attacked at least two horses, bitten a bicyclist and confronted a local resident, who shot want you to death.East hampton may ban liquor at 2 beacheseast hampton may ban liquor at 2 beachesupdated:Tues, march 25 2014 11:59 have always been EDT2014 03 25 15:59:27 GMTEast Hampton is checking into a summer ban on alcohol at two beaches.The stops would be in effect while lifeguards are on duty at the indian wells and atlantic avenue beaches.It would prohibit alcohol consumption or carrying an open container within 2, 500 feet of the lifeguard safeguarded areas.East hampton is planning for a summer ban on alcohol at two beaches.The reduction would be in effect while lifeguards are on duty at the indian wells and atlantic avenue beaches.It would prohibit alcohol consumption or carrying an open container within 2, 500 feet of the lifeguard shielded areas.Dog recovered from 50 foot deep ravine in njdog recovered from 50 foot deep ravine in njupdated:Monday, march 25 2014 10:52 i morning EDT2014 03 25 14:52:12 GMT



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Grupos e salas pertencentes a Rede Galega de Música ao Vivo serán os protagonistas de cada un dos 13 programas que compoñen a primeira tempada de ENREDE. Cada episodio transportaranos a un ambiente e a un estilo interpretado en directo.

ENREDE converterase nesa plataforma de transmisión e recoñecemento que dende fai tempo reclaman os nosos músicos.

Programa realizado e dirixido por Casa de Tolos, impulsado polo AGADIC e co patrocinio de Estrella Galicia.